About Me:

My name is Mr. Byrnes, and I have the wonderful opportunity to be teaching math here at Taylor's Crossing. I was born and raised in Kalispell, Montana and because of that, most of my interests and hobbies bring me outside. I love to hike, fish, and explore. In addition to these, I have another passion, I love to teach. I went to school at Montana State University to pursue a career as a math teacher. Whilst there I learned a lot about hard work and dedication, but above all else I learned how to fight. Now, I don't mean that I got in a lot of fights in college, but I did take a lot of challenging classes that I could never have imagined that I would pass. I had to work day and night to succeed, and believe it or not, I did. In my class I expect each of my students to fight for their learning and their success. As a teacher I expect nothing less. I am very much looking forward to this year and getting to know each and every one of you. This year is going to be fun! 

Mr. Byrnes

Taylor's crossing 

Math Teacher

Contact Info: 
Email: mitchbyrnes555@gmail.com
Phone: _____
Room: 8

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